BAR Constructors Inc. Safety Program

Policy Statement

Safety and health is a quality of work life issue that BAR Constructors holds as a high priority. The purpose of our safety program is to keep our jobsites free from all recognizable hazards, minimize accidents and injuries, and to protect our employees from them.

The management team at BAR Constructors is committed to:

  • Training its employees to recognize, abate, and avoid hazards in the workplace AND give them the authority to change them.
  • Constantly gather and implement the best available safety and health techniques and to get that information to those who are in control of
    decision making and application.
  • Always committing management to provide leadership, funds, and any and all appropriate resources to support our safety and health program.
  • Initiate safe behavior through training, education and publicity.
  • Recognize and reward as well as identify and discipline safety and health related accomplishments and shortcomings.
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment in which BAR can make sure to send every employee home as healthy as they started each day.

The first and best line of defense for our safety program is committed involvement by the ownership, field superintendants, foremen, project
engineers and the safety coordinator. The training and expertise of all listed above in providing a safe workplace is the key to BAR's safety
program being successful each and every day.

The training and dissemination of safety and health issues will be coordinated by Mark Smith, BAR's Safety Coordinator in charge of risk
management and compliance. These directives will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • On site inspection where all recognizable safety and health hazards will be identified and abated.
  • Documentation of inspected hazards and the method in which we will fix the safety or health issue.
  • Communication with the site management personnel to forecast and prepare for any safety or health issue that may be coming up.
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