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BAR Constructors, Inc. located in Lancaster, Texas, specializes in the construction of projects which require excavation work, placement of structural concrete, pipeline installation and mechanical work as their major components. The Company has successfully completed over $1 billion in work associated with water, wastewater and stormwater construction.  BAR performs the majority of all work with their own forces, utilizing subcontractors for specialty fields such as electrical, painting, HVAC, drilled piers, paving, boring/tunneling, landscaping & irrigation.

The Company was incorporated in July, 1979 under the laws of the State of Texas for the primary purpose of carrying on business as a general contractor.  The initial shareholders, officers, and key field management personnel of BAR Constructors, Inc. began their association with one another in 1975 as management level employees of a southwestern United States general contractor specializing in heavy concrete construction and related work.  The now family-owned minority business continues to succeed and grow in a competitive market because of the experience and qualifications of its management and employees.

To achieve its primary goals of high quality work, high production rates, low costs, and jobsite safety, BAR utilizes monthly CPM schedules and weekly job cost production and budget cost information reports.  Open communication, in conjunction with close supervision, is used to constantly monitor safe construction progress and overall job performance.   Any proposed changes to a project are reviewed with and approved by the Owner and/or Engineer as specified by the contract documents.  The Project Coordinator maintains the records of submittals, RFIs, RFQs, CO, etc.

BAR Constructors, Inc. is a certified minority-owned business and will complete most of the work on this project with its own forces.  The Company also requests and encourages participation from other minority vendors and subcontractors.

The Safety Program of BAR Constructors, Inc. is substantial and recognized as excellent by our Experience Modifier of .91.  Continuous efforts are made through weekly jobsite safety meetings and monthly management meetings to assure that the highest level of compliance with national, state, local and company safety programs is provided.

BAR Constructors, Inc. maintains its heavy equipment with a qualified staff of mechanics, servicemen and oilers.  Every effort is made to ensure that the latest equipment technology is utilized and that all equipment is in compliance with the various state and federal regulations.  Our equipment staff maintains daily, weekly and monthly records in order to obtain the optimum use of all of the heavy equipment.

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